5 Great Wholesale Hydrosols to Use

The use of a hydrosol can improve your health without the need for a doctor or risky prescription medication. Hydrosols have successfully been used for hundreds of years, and their popularity only continues to soar as more people discover just how wonderful they are. Many types of hydrosols are available to purchase and benefit your health. You can purchase wholesale hydrosols and get larger quantities and lower prices. When you do, the five hydrosols below are top choices to consider.

1.    Lavender

You see it in candles, body washes, lotions, and scented detergents because it has a great scent and so many benefits. Lavender hydrosol works as an antiseptic and works great to heal burns. Lavender is also calming and can be added to bath water for relaxing effects.

wholesale hydrosols

2.    Chamomile

Chamomile is another equally impressive hydrosol that can tremendously benefit your life. People use Chamomile is great as a toner and moisturize for the skin.

3.    Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has long been used as a skin healing agent. Many people grow the plant in their home. The hydrosols Aloe Vera has many unique properties, and can be used to help burns heal faster, as a cleansing agent and more.

4.    Lemongrass

Another great hydrosol to use is Lemongrass. This is a popular product because it works in such a versatile way. Lemongrass hydrosol is used to ward off mosquitos and insects, to treat muscle spasms, for headaches, aches and pains, and even for aromatherapy purposes.

5.    Geranium

Geranium is also a recommended hydrosol that you should try at least once because you’ll want to use it again. The product is used as a pain reliever, a stress reducer, and as an anti-inflammatory.  It can also be used to aid in digestion and as an aid for immune system health.